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Australian Industry Participation Plan for the Western Sydney International Airport 

Multiplex is committed to providing information about upcoming tender packages for the supply of key goods or services for the Project so as to provide opportunities for Australian entities to tender for the supply of goods and services to be procured via connection with the Project.

Pre-Qualification Requirements

Multiplex will require all of its suppliers to conform to pre-determined pre-qualification requirements that Multiplex has developed in connection with its procurement activities.

Accordingly, for all entities employed on the Project, the entities will be evaluated on their:

  • Work Health and Safety and Quality assurance procedures

  • Performance on previous projects

  • Financial stability

  • Record of undertaking similar works

  • Capacity to deliver projects of similar complexity and size

  • Current resources to service the project scope

  • Specialist know-how or expertise

  • Capacity to complete in time

  • Reliability and certainty of supply

  • Notification of Opportunities to supply goods and services


Commitment to Environmental Sustainable Procurement

MPX commits to considering environmental and sustainability aspects as part of the procurement process. Our sustainable procurement objectives are as follows:

  • All successful subcontractors to have submitted a health and safety, environmental and quality management plans prior to commencing the subcontract works

  • Subcontractors to demonstrate commitment to Sustainable Procurement via their own Environmental and Sustainable policies

  • Maximise Supplier Sustainability by:

    • Encouraging three (3) existing suppliers to become “ISupply” accredited

    • Source material from three (3) existing “ISupply” accredited suppliers

Expression of Interest

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest can be lodged by completing the below Expression of Interest Form. The form is seven pages long but can be completed in stages. You will receive an email with the link to the form if you need to save it for later.

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